That’s because over the centuries the structure has been looted, smashed with cannon fire, was turned into a … The Mausoleum of Augustus was built in 28 BC and was the burial place of several members of the imperial family beside Augustus himself. The Ara Pacis Augustae or Altar of the Augustan Peace in Rome was built to celebrate the return of Augustus in 13 BCE from his campaigns in Spain and Gaul.The marble structure, which once stood on the Campus Martius, is a masterpiece of Roman sculpture and, in particular, of portraiture. Considering this, what was the Mausoleum of Augustus used for? Built in 28 BC, it was the most immense tomb in the Roman world. … Now the sole ruler of Rome, Augustus planned his Mausoleum to contain his ashes and those of his whole family. Rome, Mausoleum of Augustus, Interior: Date. Credit: Ettore Ferrari/ANSA via AP. The Mausoleum of Augustus was the first of many significant building projects undertaken during the reign of Rome’s first emperor. In the early 20th century, the interior of the Mausoleum was used as a concert hall called the Augusteo, until Mussolini ordered it closed in the 1930s and restored it to the status of an archaeological site. "But the emperor Augustus didn't exactly get paid… The Mausoleum was described then as a huge building, all white and surrounded by many trees, with a bronze statue of Augustus at the top of the roof. Interior of the dilapidated mausoleum. Jona Lendering Model of Rome in the days of Constantine the Great Museo della Civilta, Rome : The Mausoleum of Augustus was a large tomb built by the Roman emperor Augustus in 28 BC on the Campus Martius in Rome. Strabo describes the Mausoleum as “a great mound near the river on a lofty foundation of white marble, thickly ca. The interior of the mausoleum is not open to tourists. Mausoleum was built by “Augustus” and not by “Octavian.” Today only the interior walls of the Mausoleum exist, therefore we must rely on the ancient sources to explicate exactly what it looked like from the outside. In terms of architecture, the Mausoleum of Augustus showcased a circular plan with an impressive diameter of three hundred Roman feet (about 292 ft or 89 m). The Mausoleum of Augustus, however, is a much bigger project. Rome, Mausoleum of Augustus, Interior (2) Description. Creator. Discover Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome, Italy: This large, circular tomb is the final resting place of the first emperor of Rome. The Mausoleum of Augustus is a large tomb built by the Roman Emperor Augustus in 28 BC. The mausoleum is the largest circular tomb in the world and was constructed in 28 BC near the banks of the river Tiber to house the remains of Augustus … Senators, officials and the Imperial family are depicted on the wall reliefs of the monument in an … (CNN) — He was the first Roman emperor, who took over from Julius Caesar and built an empire that would eventually stretch from the UK to Egypt, boasting on his death bed that "I found Rome built of bricks, and left it marble. 25 BCE. Made of brick clad in white marble, the interior had a vaulted ceiling and separate corridors for each family member. Biden taps Deb Haaland to be 1st Native American interior secretary; ... as some people think -- that he was slipped into the big Mausoleum of (his great-grandfather, Emperor) Augustus … The mausoleum was one of the first projects initiated by Augustus in the City of Rome following his victory at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC.